Mark Reynolds Review of Pity’s Revenge

Megan Russ has an exciting story titled Pity’s Revenge that’s part of the Writers Unite! Realm Of Magic anthology, available for purchase through Amazon as an e-book or in traditional publishing.

It tells the story of Slash and his daughter Alina, or Ash as she’s called by those close to her, a father-daughter assassin team known for their skill and professionalism in taking out their world’s most power-hungry tyrants and threats to peace and unity. They are surrounded and supported by a loyal team of like-skilled “artisans” (Shed, Strider, and Drala) who take their craft seriously. During her adventures, Ash meets and falls in love with Wrath, a fellow assassin who Slash has doubts about, but nonetheless gives his blessing when Wrath asks Slash for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Slash will need Wrath’s support in the coming years—more than he realizes. A series of events tests the group that requires them to hatch a plan to get to and take down the evil King Savage, who has his own agenda—especially when it comes to Ash. All must be considered and planned when taking on the ultimate—even, perhaps, sacrifice in ways never considered before.

Megan Russ is adept at plot structure and keeps the reader right along with her, until the satisfying, unexpected, and appropriate end of this story.

Wrath should never be tested. Or crossed. Or challenged. It’s a determined conviction, and Megan Russ makes us clearly aware of that in no uncertain terms.