I stand at the precipice, the emptiness beyond fills my heart with dread. If I fell now I would not survive. My hand grips the railing, my knuckles white from the force my muscles exert, the strongest gust could not bring me from this footing.

The wonder of the canyon before me is lost in my fear of a fall. I tried to pull my mind from the natural reaction to the height. There before me was a beauty unfathomable by my simple human mind. Yet all I could focus on was the edge, the risk, the distance between me and the safety of solid ground at the lip of the bridge.

I stood in the middle, unwilling to turn to look at either of them. They each stood at the edge of the bridge, neither willing to come to me; I had to make the decision myself. I could not turn myself away from the abyss before me, to turn one way or the other was a permanent choice, could the other forgive me, would they see why I made the choice.

I looked to the left the one I had known less time, but there was something buried there. A life that could have been. How different my choices could have led me to that place sooner. I trusted him with more than anyone ever would know. He gave me a weak smile, his heart was scarred, and his eyes were heavy with the tears, his soul hiding in the darkness of his hurt. I would reach for him and pull him to stand beside me if I could. He was not proud, he was not cruel, he would not hurt me the way he had been hurt. I had missed out on the chance to be his healing light; he had come too late to the bridge. He saw the return in my smile and turned his gaze out to the canyon beyond. He could see beyond his fear to the beauty that the sight held. He held his head up high; he would do his best to stay strong. He would wait until I was ready, he would still be there waiting for my hand to close on his.

I turned to the right, the man there stood proudly, knowing that he was safe on the ground. He held out a hand to me, a strong smile across his lips. He already knew he had me, he did not have to worry about which way I would step across the bridge.

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