Part 4 Titan’s Call Chapter One

Here is Part 4 of a new idea I have had based off the above picture. Art by Mateusz Ozminski I discover while looking for art for a writing prompt. I felt this image was beautiful and it created an idea I could not get out of my head. I will be posting pieces of this a little at a time for the next while.

Enjoy Part 4 of Titan’s Call

Nikon just stared up at the ship that while small compared to some of the others around them, still towards over his head like a giant. He nodded, setting he jaw and turning his eyes to Captain Lic, who smiled down at him. “Yes sir, I will do whatever you need me to, and be the best cabin boy on the island.”

“So we have the best net mender and the best cabin boy,” Lic said smiling at them. “Come with me, I’ll introduce you to my wife, you two can stay at our house we have plenty of room.” He said.

“An’ they have a nice house,” Sal called, as Lic ushered them down the dock.

“Most of my crew eat supper with my wife and eye most evenings, so tonight you will get to meet some of the men you will be working with.” Lic explained to Nikon. He looked down at Esme, “My wife Cindy will be glad to have someone helping around the house, and preparing the meals. See my wife is pregnant and can’t do as much as she used to be able to do, and now with you there she will have someone to help her out other than myself, but I’m useless at all of the fine things she does.” He said.

Esme giggled and smiled up at him. “I will do my best to learn everything your wife teaches me.” She said proudly.

“I’m sure you will.” He waved at the house built on the dock, a large square two story building, with smoke billowing from the chimney on the back of the house, the smoke trailed between the massive scales of the island as it dissipated in the air. Racks of drying fish lined the windows on the front of the house, as well as nets that were hanging from the parapets of the roof, some so long they dipped into the water beneath the deck a few inches. Lic opened the front door and waved them into the warm front room of the home beyond. A woman’s voice called through a doorway at the back that seemed to lead to a study of some kind. In the living room there were three couches all faced towards an empty fireplace, shelves of books strapped to them stood build into the walls around the room and above the fireplace was a well rendered painting of the Sea Baron with Captain Lic standing at its helm.

“Cindy dear we have guests.” Lic called.

From the study emerged a woman about six months pregnant, holding a book in her hands. She stood about five feet tall, and had long auburn hair pulled back into a neat braid. Her blue eyes looked the two children up and down before looking eyes with her husband.

“And what is this now?” She asked, she placed her book onto the table beside the doorway and came over to Nikon and Esme.

“I’m Esme,” She said happily, holding out her hand to the woman, “Captain Lic said that I will be helping you around the home and with the mending.”

Cindy glanced from the filthy little girl in front of her to her husband who had become very interested in the wood of the ceiling, as his cheeks turned red. Cindy turned a kind smile back to Esme, and shook her hand. “Well before we do that how about we get you cleaned up and properly clothed.” She glanced at Nikon. “What about you?” She asked.

“Captain Lic has offered to take me on as a cabin boy for the Sea Baron.”

“I didn’t know the Sea Baron needed a cabin boy,” She said glaring at her husband, “my husband’s heart is to soft, it will get him killed one of these days,” She said, sternly, “Welcome to our home you two.” She pulled a purse from her robe pocket and shoved it at her husband. “Have one of your men go up to the city and get these two some proper clothing.” She said, he stammered at her holding the purse, “Now,” She snapped he nodded and rushed out the door. “Now to the bath.” She ushered the two of them into a room on the far side of the building, from the warmth that filtered through the walls the children guessed it was opposite the kitchen. The floor opened up into a net that fit right into the sea beneath the house. “Now you two soak in here I will bring you some soap and fresh towels. We’ll get you dressed as soon as Lic gets back.”

Nikon and Esme striped down and jumped into the large pool of water, they could not remember the last time they had had a proper bath that was not rain water. Cindy just laughed as the water splashed onto the polished wood of the floor. She left them to bathe.

Hours later Esme and Nikon were sitting down to dinner for the first time in five years. The dinning room took up half of the bottom floor of the house, there were twenty or so men and women filling the space by the time Cindy and five other wives brought out the dinner of fish and seagrass.

Esme smiled across the table and Nikon, he smiled back. They had found a home at last.

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