Part 1 Titan’s Call Chapter One

Here is a new idea I have had based off the above picture. Art by Mateusz Ozminski I discover while looking for art for a writing prompt. I felt this image was beautiful and it created an idea I could not get out of my head. I will be posting pieces of this a little at a time for the next while.


Please enjoy part one of Titan’s Call.

The great beast angled downward for its landing on the great island of Sapis. Flaring out its wings to slow its decent. The passengers in the large glass observatory on its back stared in awe at the city of Sapis as they approached. Esme and Nikon pushed through the crowd of adults to press their young faces up against the glass to see the great island in all its splendor.

The great island of Sapis was larger than their home island, older, its great body long and wide to support the city on its back. Its neck towered over the city as it searched for its food across the great expanse of water that was their world. The island stopped moving for a moment as its head dipped beneath the waves, slowly rising back up with a mouthful of greens.

Esme and Nikon had run away from their home island of Jeraq to come here to Sapis. New island and a new life.

Nikon was eleven, Esme ten. Not siblings but they might as well have been, their parents had died in a riot on Jeraq five years before and they had lived in the lower city of Jeraq ever since. Together they had stolen enough scales to pay for a ride on a great beast, to any other island. The first beast leaving Jeraq was headed to Sapis and so to Sapis they went.

The buildings and castles of Sapis gleamed in the afternoon light. The gold and white roofs reflecting the sunlight up into the sky. The great island turned to watch as the beast angled down toward one of the many landing sites on its back. It roared a greeting, the air seemed to vibrate around the beast. Esme and Nikon with their faces against the glass, giggled as the vibrations tickled their ears. The beast roared back as it beat its massive wings to slow its descent to the landing pad. The island took a long slow step further through the waves as the beast landed. It would be an hour before the step landed on the bottom of the sea and sent a shudder through the city. It was how the people of the islands kept track of time.

The great beast landed on the platform and bent low to peak its head through the large opening for it. While it collected the crawling things from beneath the cities foundations, its passengers disembarked.

Esme and Nikon swept between the legs of the adults in their flowing colorful robes. Many were visiting from other islands, while others were returning home to Sapis.

Those returning to Sapis were dressed according to their island’s culture. Flowing red robes over green billowing pants, the men wore no shirts, while the women wore a green sash to cover their chests. People from Jeraq wore flowing blue and gold robes over tight blue or black pants and tunics. Esme spotted some people in ambassador clothing, they would wear their island’s colors but also they wore turbans on their heads to call attention to their status. There was an ambassador from Jeraq and another wearing lime green and yellow robes from the island of Nepoc, he and the ambassador from Jeraq departed the platform together surrounded by their guards who wore scimitars on their belts. A carriage pulled by four white steeds waited for the ambassadors, the tamed herbivores who lived on the islands, eating moss and other wild vegetation, had to wear blinders over their golden eyes as not to get spooked by every sudden movement of the crowd.

“I heard a man on the beast mention that the ambassadors are here because the king of Sapis passed away. They are here to deliver condolences, whatever that means,” Nikon said to Esme following her gaze.

“I wish we could ride in a carriage pulled by steeds,” Esme replied.

“Maybe one day, when we are rich and own our own castle, I will make sure you have all the steeds you want.” Nikon said giving Esme a crooked smile, his blue eyes partially hidden by his messy black hair.


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