The sidewalk is crowded, not unusual for this time of day. Ten in the morning is a pretty common time for classes to be getting out or starting for some. Kay didn’t give it any more thought than he usually did as he took another look at his phone to make sure he was on time. He had another message from her, but he just ignored it as he had been for weeks now. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk to her, he just didn’t have the heart to face the truth.

Still five minutes until his class would start and he would make it with just enough time to spare. He hoped that the chair he had used on Monday would be available today, it was just far enough away from the professor not to attract attention if he wasn’t paying attention and close enough that he could still hear just fine.

He glances up from his phone to meet a pair of shining brown eyes, her eyes, no he shook his head just some woman headed to her own classes. He sighs heavily, thinking again how much he wants to read the messages but can’t bring himself to do it, not yet, not today.

He smiles at a woman who is walking towards him, she glances away but a smile touches her lips. That smile so much like hers, he grinds his teeth, why can’t he get her out of his head. It has been a year, almost to the day since it all came crashing down, yet he was still stuck there.

He sat in class not really paying attention to the professor as he explained the course to the class of fifty or so students. It was the first week of the semester, nothing important was going to happen. So instead Kay had opened his profile on his laptop, he scrolled through old memories, ignoring the flashing message received notification that had been there for weeks. He couldn’t click on it, if he looked she would see he had seen and think he would talk to her again, but he wasn’t ready for that not yet, not now.

A memory popped up on his feed, and he had to fight back tears, it was the two of them together, both smiling and happy. Or what he had thought was happy. It was what he wanted back, so badly he could feel the knot in his stomach yearning for her again, just to touch her and hold her and tell her again how much he cared. She was gone, a year now, in love with someone else, and now she wasn’t even in town and wouldn’t be back until the spring at the earliest. He had time to heal if he wanted too, but he just wanted her.

He would wait as long as it took to get her back. He would give her the time she wanted until she loved him again.


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