Well I’ve been gone a while.

Well I have been gone a while. I became discouraged with my writing and overwhelmed at work. So, I took a break from my website for a while. I was not getting as many views as I would have liked and thought that no one was looking. I guess I was wrong. I have been writing more again, I have been happier with the results and so I decided to check on the website I had abandoned.

Let me say that wow I was not expecting to find that my site had had so many visitors. It might not seem like a lot so some who get upward of 100 views a day but let me tell you. This is a lot for me and it means so much.

I believe that I will start posting my short stories again each week on Wednesdays. I will not be doing short story reviews or posting other articles anymore, it was to much pressure on me to have those people expecting that from me. If writing was my job then I could understand, but I am a mother of three, I work 50+ hours a week an hour from home, and writing is a pleasurable thing for me. I did not like that it was becoming a burden for me even if it was of my own doing.

I hope those that have supported my writing in my absence will understand and enjoy the writing I will post in the future. Just understand if I don’t post one week its not that I’m dead and gone, it is more likely I was just to busy to write as much as I would have liked that week.

Thank you all for your support and I will post a short story again soon. In the mean time you can check out one of my pieces called “Pity’s Revenge” in the Writers Unite anthology Realm of Magic brought to you by Rhetoric Askew.

Both Writers Unite and Rhetoric Askew have some great resources for authors so check them out while your here.

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