Short Story Review – Andy, My Andy By Janice Magerman

Andy my Andy


A tragically lovely story about the dangers and joys of meeting someone for the first time after time speaking online. The story provides an aspect of how we never truly can know the people we are talking to on the other side of the computer. How dangerous the feelings that may come from such relationships can be, especially when most of what you believe is found to be false.

The dangers of trusting people you do not know. Of providing too much information about yourself and those around you to strangers. Not just strangers across the internet, but strangers around you as well. Thirty years ago even children knew you never give a stranger your name, you never get into a car with them, and you certainly don’t take them to your home. Yet today we do this on a constant basis, without considering the possible dangers that we put ourselves in. This story helps to summarize these possibilities all into one short snippet.


All rights reserved. Thanks to Janice Magerman for sharing their work with us. Read Andy My Andy here.

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