Land Of Lesora

So, I know that not everyone enjoys roleplaying games, and that not everyone can see fantasy writings and settings as these amazing worlds, as their creators do. Saying that, I started acting as Game Master for a small group of my close friends. While this was my first experience in the Game Master role, and honestly between you and me, it was also my first true experience with tabletop gaming. One of the members of my group wanted me to use a premade adventure and I did, and the whole group agreed that it was awesome and went well. While I had originally wanted to make my own world, I listened to the advice of a player with experience. So now that I have completed this premade story I wanted to take over with my own story. Now I am going to share this story with you. I am going to share with you this week the set-up for the world in which my game will from now on take place in. I hope that you will enjoy this story, and share your own experiences with gaming and ideas for campaigns that I could write about in the future.


Welcome to the continent of Lesora, our story starts in the nation of Alaira.


Alaira is a small nation in the center of the continent of Lesora. The land is lush and fertile bordered on the east by a thick jungle, and on the west by a mountain range ending in a large volcano on the southern end. The Sea of Storms lies to the north and the Unknown Lands lie to the south. The nation has been built around a massive lake called the King’s Blue, which sits directly in the center of the county. The Keep of Kings rests on a peninsula on the northern side of the King’s Blue. The Keep of Kings is part of the capital city Shelegad, and was once the seat of the royal family.


The royal family of Casinar conquered Alaira at the beginning of the Broken Age, when the continent of Lesora was still ruled by warring clans. The Casinar drove out the Dwarven clans, and the Elven tribes. Setting humans up to be the main race and the ruling class of Alaira. The Dwarfs retreated to their mountains in the north, and the Elfs fled to their woods in the east. Both to create their own nations that had since come to peace with Alaira. The only still roaming clan are the tribes of Orcs. The Orcs are slavers who raid villages and cities and sell captives to the underdark. Other races live in peace with the ruling nations of Lesora.


The last king of Alaira, King Picas II and his entire family went missing forty years ago. Since their disappearance the kingdom has been filled with turmoil, and multiple new clans have emerged throughout the land and are all vying for the rule of Alaira. In this country of internal war, new powers have arisen, and in the far north in the port once known as Stromshore is now known throughout the land as the Port of Blackspire, a tall tower is slowly growing within the city. Once powerful magical watch towers throughout the land have fallen dark and some have even crumbled into ruin.


The common people continue to live their lives and keep to their villages and homes. Many hoping to stay out of the wars of the rich. They pray to the gods for warm winters and mild summers, that their crops and children will grow. They keep their eyes on the western horizon hoping that the Mount of Fangs stays dark and on the Black Spire to the north that nothing horrible comes from it. They hide when the Orcs ride through the countryside, bow their heads when the local baron’s men ride through town, and keep their fires burning to drive away the underdark creatures.


Our story starts with a group of heros at the top of a fallen watchtower. There is a door before them, and a broken tower below them. The broken tower is full of rooms littered with their fallen foes and doors that they left open, and upturned chests that once held the treasure now in their pockets.


The door before them stands locked, and they can hear voices from the other side. Having killed all their foes before reaching this point, those beyond the door have no idea they are coming. The group looks at each other, their wary eyes taking in each of their friends and their condition. Do they continue their search? Or, leave now, letting those beyond the door go on living? They had come here to find out what was within the tower, they had never planned on fighting monsters, giant spiders, or skeletons, but here they were. They had set out on the way to the tower out of curiosity, they had never thought they would end up turning into adventures. Adventures had always brought trouble.


“What now?”

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