Short Story Review – Salvation By John Stum

Salvation By John Stum


This short story is available through Amazon Kindle, and free through Kindle Unlimited. I have to say, I wish I did not have Kindle Unlimited and that I had actually paid for this short story because it was amazing and overly worth it. I would love to read more of John Stum’s work.

I am honored to be able to review this story this week.

Salvation starts off with a young girl and her two protectors. Trisha, the young woman, is on a quest to reach salvation for her people, but she must hurry before it is too late, before the door closes forever. Gert, a mercenary, has signed up to protect Trisha on her arduous journey into the Dark Forest, along with her friend Lenny. Lenny is a hunter and knows the woods, Gert and Trisha trust him to lead them safely to the place Trisha so desperately needs to reach.

Trouble and danger stalk the trio through the Dark Forest. Betrayal and murder follow Trisha’s footsteps. Honor and loyalty is what Gert strives for. So close to their goals fire blooms in the darkness and sends the trio scattering for safety. Gert must fulfill her promise, while Trisha must reach the door to save her people. Demons and Angels do not mix, and should not ever meet on the battle field, but it is too late for that now. Trisha is too close to her salvation to stop.

My only complaint about this story is that there was not more to read. I would love to read more about these characters and this world full of demons and angels. Mystery surrounds the origins of this story and I would be honored to one day read more.

Please pick up your copy of Salvation by John Stum here. Visit John’s own website Steel Stash Writing here, to check out more of his work.

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