Short Story Review – What If by Taha Ahmad


This week’s short story review comes to us from Taha Ahmad. A story titled “What If”

Taha Ahmad is not a native English speaker, but the story below still betrays the depth and heart of what it is like to love someone for the first time.

“What If” is an amazing story about Ammad and his love Shama. When he makes one wrong choice it changes both of their lives forever. What if he had made a different choice would things have turned out differently for them? Would he and Shama still have each other? What is it like when we first feel love? What do we go through when that love is lost?


 Sitting on the balcony, he wondered, What if he could feel her warm breath on his chest? What if they could hold hands like they would never part? What if they’d kiss like it’s the only thing to do?. Phone beeped, message from Shama, ” I’m outside Iqra’s house.” Ammad smiled and rush into the lounge, just before entering the lounge, he stopped and relaxed himself because his father was sitting there. He did not need assumptions being made that something was wrong. So, with a tornado of emotions inside him, Ammad appeared to enter the room calmly. “Father, I’m going out with friends. Can I please take your Jeep?” His father nodded and handed him the keys. He wasted no time running towards the garage. He opened the jeep’s door and jumped into the seat. He start the engine and drove the car out of the garage, his father was standing outside. His father shouted to him, ”Just don’t go too far.” He listened but drove away like he didn’t. He reached Iqra’s house, picked Shama, and started driving towards the country side. After some minutes of silence which passed like hours. He said in a low voice, ”So did you told to your parents?”. She said, ”That me and Iqra are going to study whole night.” Then they both started laughing. He slowly moved his hand near her hand with that innocence of first touch. She saw his hand moving near to her. She moved her hand near his while seeing outside of the window. He slowly hold her hand. With the passage of time awkwardness disappeared. She placed her head on his shoulder with the relaxing smile on her face. He said to himself, What if they stay like this to the end of the world?, What if that first love will be his only love?, the air coming through the window didn’t stop him wondering about the experiences he’s going to have with Shama. An hour drive, the road started clearing from all the cars and archaic people. Now it was only the road and the two teenagers passionately in love. Ammad stopped the jeep by the side of the road . They both started to stare into each others eyes. Coming closer in an instant, so close that he lift his lips and kissed her forehead, told her which every girl wanted to listened, ”You are the best thing ever happened to me!”. She couldn’t resisted kissing him back. They could feel each other’s warm breath deep within, as they dwelled in each other’s arms. Suddenly he heard tires squeaking , two man came out of a dark car with no tags. Both of them have pistols in their hands. Shama screamed and Ammad panicked! The keys fell from his hand, he quickly reached towards the pedals finding them. Snatching them fast, he leaned back up to see a compelling man pointing a pistol at him, right outside his window. The other man was standing outside Shama’s window aiming his gun towards her. Only this guys hands were shaking like it was his first time holding a gun. Ammad shouted, ”Leave us alone! We don’t have anything!” Shama was still screaming, “Please don’t kill us!” .The thief outside Ammad’s window shouted, ”Give us everything you have!” So he gave them his wallet and anything he could find in his pockets. Shama was still upset. The man outside her window shouted, ”Give us everything you have!”. She timidly yelled back, ”I don’t have anything.” She was wearing a gold chain her mother had given her, before she passed. The thief shouted, ”Give me that chain!”, “No! This is my only memory of my mother. You can’t have it!” .The man gave the command once again while on hand kept shaking and the other hand started to reach for the chain around her neck. .She grabbed her chain tightly while Ammad was sitting there begging and shouting, ”Please give it to him!” As the thief’s hand came close to her chain, she slapped his face so hard, everyone thought a gunshot had gone off. Ammad saw at Shama’s forehead, blood was oozing from right where he kissed her. He shouted madly, ”What have you done? you bastards!”. The thief on Ammad’s window shouted, Awais! Are u mad? What have u done? you bastard! Get inside the damn car! You piece of shit! , they ran towards the car. Ammad got out of the car and ran towards them but they escaped. He stood there hopeless and helpless. His head quit working. he couldn’t think a thing, tears were running non-stop from his eyes. His heart was pumping so fast that he could listen his beats. He sat there on his knees and was continuously saying, ”All of this happened because of me, I did this” . Frustration was crossing the limits, he got up aggressively and picked the big piece of wood and hit the windscreen strongly and broke every window of the jeep and helplessly sat there and shouted. What if we never met? What if I never force her to meet? What if I had listened to the dad?!

Author ~ Taha Ahmad


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