Book Announcement

I am excited to announce the release of Ark Lost in Time Book 2 Broken! Available now for pre-order the e-book with release March 1st. Order now! Be sure to check out Book 1 Exodus today. Click here to pre-order Broken today! If you would like to check out Ark Lost in Time Book 1 Exodus check out my excerpts here, or buy the book for only $0.99 here.

I have been working on this book for close to two years. I am so excited that it is finally finished and ready for people to see. Pre-orders for the book are available now.

If you are a physical copy type person I’m sorry but you are out of luck with this one, I will not be publishing physical copies until the series is finished.

I will post an excerpt from Broken next Wednesday to celebrate the release be sure to check it out.

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