Starting Feb 12th

Starting February 12th I will start posting three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Monday’s will be Indie Author Articles. Wednesday’s will continue to be original work, excerpts or short stories. Friday’s will be book reviews, podcast reviews, or quotes.

I am excited to start sharing articles about independent publishing. I myself have published my work on my own a few times now but I am still learning and this will be great to help with my own research. I hope that I can help others discover information that they might be looking for. Authors do not work against each other we help each other up.

Podcasts will be Author relevant content. I want to learn more about the industry and help others by sharing what I have learned.

Book Reviews may be pending if the book is longer, but the plan for reviews will be the last Friday of the month. Or perhaps review a book I have read in the past. I hope that my reviews will help lead others to books they may enjoy.

I hope that you will continue to follow my site, and my work. Please let me know if there is a book you would like to see reviewed. Or Indie Author Articles that you would like to see featured here.

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