A Grain of Sand

No one notices when a grain of sand disappears. The world moves on, life goes by and does not take pause for one lost soul.


You are not a grain of sand, and you are not just a lost soul. You are an amazing person, worthy of everyone stopping to take notice that you have gone from their life, from the world.

You are the wave of the sea that pounds against the sand and washed it away. The lost piece of abalone, plucked from the grains and held up to the light, gorgeous, rippling with color and shining above all others. The pearl that has been formed by pressure and irritating circumstances but shines brightly and is valued above any other grain of sand.


You are the shining onyx gemstone, dark and deep, hiding the light within but reflecting those that shine on it. The aged bloodstone, iron clad and strong, dark and mysterious. The aquamarine raw, green, bright, soothing and multifaceted.


Never underestimate your worth, never think that you are not loved. Do not think that because one passes you by that the next will too, one will see what you truly are and pluck you from the grains of sand around you, hold you up to the shining light and never let you go.


You are strong and scarred. You are compassionate and broken. You are passionate and rejected. This is not your fault, it is not your fault that they cannot see what you truly are to me.


You are my love, my heart, my future, my past, my everything. Never forget those that truly love you.

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